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Confucius said,
     "At fifteen, I aspired to learning.
     At thirty, I established my stand.
     At forty, I had no delusions.
     At fifty, I knew my destiny.
     At sixty, I knew truth in all I heard.
     At seventy, I could follow the wishes of my heart without doing wrong."

5.	 孟懿子(一)問孝、子曰、無違、樊遲(二)御、子告之曰、孟孫問孝於我、我對曰、無違、樊遲



          (一)	魯國官員,又名孟孫。

          (二)	孔子的學生,姓樊,名須,字子遲。

     Mêng Yi Tzŭ (1) asked about filial piety.
     Confucius said, "Without deviation."(2) 	
     As Fan Chih (3) drove the Masters carriage, Confucius recounted to this disciple,
     "Mêng-Sun asked me about filial piety and I told him, Without deviation."
     Fan Chih said, "What did you mean?"	
     Confucius said,
     "Serve your parents during their lifetime according to the rites. When they die, bury
     them according to the rites and make sacrificial offerings to them according to the

           (1)	 Official of the state of Lu (魯), also called Mêng-Sun
           (2)	 From the way
           (3)	 Disciple                                                                           11
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