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9.	 子曰、吾與回(一)言終日、不違、如愚、退而省其私、亦足以發、回也不愚。

          (一)	孔子的學生,姓顏,名回,字子淵。

     Confucius said,
     "For a whole day, I conversed with Hui (1) who, as though dull-witted, did not
     contradict me. I reflected on his personal conduct after we had parted company, and
     found it sufficiently expressive. Hui is not dull-witted after all."	

           (1)	Disciple, also called Yen Yüen (顏淵) or Yen Hui (顏回)

10.	子曰、視其所以、觀其所由、察其所安、人焉廋哉、人焉廋哉。

     Confucius said,
     "Look into his motives, note his course, take heed of whether he is at ease, and how
     can a man hide, how can a man hide!"

11.	子曰、溫故而知新、可以為師矣。

     Confucius said,
     "Exploring the old and deducing the new makes a teacher."

12.	子曰、君子不器。(一)

          (一)	君子有百般才能,不像器皿一般,只有特定用途;所以君子能夠致力行善。

     Confucius said,
     "The gentleman is unlike an implement." (1) 	

           (1)	The gentleman has a limitless capacity to achieve good                                                                          13
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