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3.	 子曰、巧言令色、鮮矣仁。

     Confucius said,
     "Clever talk and a pretentious manner are seldom compatible with the benevolent."

4.	 曾子(一)曰、吾日三省吾身、為人謀而不忠乎、與朋友交而不信乎、傳不習乎。

          (一)	孔子的學生,姓曾,名參,字子輿,又稱曾子。

     Tsêng Tzŭ (1) said,
     "Each day I examine myself on three counts: whether or not I am loyal to those in
     whose behalf I act; whether or not I am trustworthy in my dealings with friends;
     whether or not I practise what is imparted."	

           (1)	Disciple

5.	 子曰、道千乘之國、敬事而信、節用而愛人、使民以時。

     Confucius said,
     "In leading a state of a thousand chariots (1), respect the office and be trustworthy;
     economise in the use of resources and love the people, and employ the people when
     it is timely."	
           (1) 	Meaning a large state                                                                            3
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