Page 7 - Analects-eng
P. 7

13.	有子曰、信近於義、言可復也、恭近於禮、遠恥辱也、因不失其親、亦可宗也。


     Yu Tzŭ (1) said,
     "When trustworthiness complements righteousness, words can be fulfilled. When
     courtesy complements the rites, shame and disgrace are kept afar. Thereby those
     closest are not lost and the honour of the ancestors is preserved."	

           (1) Disciple

14.	子曰、君子食無求飽、居無求安、敏於事而慎於言、就有道而正焉、可謂好學也已。


     Confucius said,
     "The gentleman does not seek to satiate himself in eating, does not seek ease in
     living, is quick in his dealings and prudent in speech, and keeps to the correctness of
     those with the way. He can be considered as devoted to learning."                                                                             7
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